Water Damage

Water Damage, Cleanup, & Restoration

Water damage arises from many different sources for many different reasons. Whether from fire damage, broken pipes, blocked drains, malfunctioning appliances, storms, or another cause, the appropriate treatment depends on the nature of the damage. Some water carries contaminants and should be considered hazardous immediately. Whatever the origin, the prospects of restoration depend largely on the speed with which your building and personal property can be dried. Even clear water can generate mildew and other bacterial growth if neglected.

The longer the area remains wet, the higher the likelihood of significant water damage and an increased economic burden. It is important to have a professional immediately respond and cleanup water-damaged areas and items within 24-48 hours.

Douglas Home Remodeling will advise you on the proper steps to follow during and after the cleanup, thus helping keep your home as safe as possible. We use all our training and technology to ensure that all affected areas are cleaned up and dried completely of water so the threat of mold and pathogen growth is eliminated.

We provide a number of water damage repair services including:

  • Water Damage Assessment – after a water damage event, a thorough assessment must be performed to determine the extent of your water damage so that appropriate repairs can be made.
  • Water Extraction – water must quickly be removed to minimize damage—saving you money and reducing the amount of time for repairs to be completed.
  • Structural Drying – drywall and other building materials can absorb a significant amount of water. We have the training and equipment necessary to reduce the moisture levels in your home.
  • Structural Restoration – we can remove and replace the affected parts of your home—leaving it looking like nothing ever happened!